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hCG Diet: HCG stands for Human chorionic Gonadotropin hormone and it has the ability to burn unused fat into energy. hCG weight loss diet is helping many people experience weight loss in a very short period of time. In fact, our average weight loss is 20 pounds in 4-6 weeks.  You receive Dr. supervision, a boot camp book, a weekly fill of hCG injections, and a support staff to cheer you to success.

Phentermine Fit: Phentermine is an approved appetite suppressant to help you lose weight when used short-term and combined with diet and exercise.  It releases certain chemicals in the brain that control appetite. You receive Dr. supervision, a nutrition guide, a monthly supply of phentermine pills, and a support staff to cheer you to success.

Medgem Metabolic Measurement: MedGem Metabolic Measurement device allow physicians to give their patients an accurate calorie count to let them know exactly how many calories they can consume after successfully completing the hCG or Phentermine diet.

Microlife Medical Home Solutions, Inc. announced The Biggest Loser medical staff will implement the MedGem indirect calorimeter to assess metabolic changes in program contestants. The MedGem handheld indirect calorimeter is an FDA-cleared, Class II, medical device that assesses metabolic rate by measuring a patient’s resting oxygen consumption.



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